Stupid Statistics Still Piss Me Off

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teen pregnancy“55% of iPhone users spent the majority of their time on apps.”

Wow…stupid statistics

I’m not impressed.

It’s not that the statistic probably doesn’t make some people go “oh wow….hmm…that’s interesting.” The problem that I have with it, is that it doesn’t really change anything. This is one milestone that literally changes on a second by second basis. It is going to go from 55 to 100% over time.

It is part of the shift. It is the move to the app. It is the move to mobile.

The reason why apps are becoming the bigger piece of the equation is that is because we are creating a self fulfilling prophecy. We show these statistics to clients so that they realize that they too need to have an app.

What’s happening:

I have been playing on the internet since about the time that I stopped wetting the bed. Google has helped to ensure that I don’t need to remember anything anymore, because now I just need to know where to access the information.


“What was that movie that he played in, right after he did that really shitty one with the blonde girl from the one about the mad scientist who eats bad bananas?” typical question that occurs at lunch.

“On it” me.

In the past this would have taken the better part of a week. I would have gone home, booted up the PC, hit the Internet Explorer icon, watched for the better part of 30 seconds as the 56K dial up sucked the life from my soul as I sat there and used that pay the tollman on the other end to hook me up to the internets.

From there I would find a search engine, punch in the facts, and get directed to a site.

Over time what has happened is that sites have grown….a lot.

Because of size they began to get indexed better and started to show up better in search. Over time I was trained to know which sites I was supposed to go to, so that I could find what I needed.


Music lyrics:

Movie question:

To be fair part of it too is that Google has been stalking me since I begged to get on Gmail Beta, so I could stop using Hotmail (not because at the time Gmail was significantly better, but mostly because when I thought of Hotmail, I pictured flames and like a hotrod logo and even then I was developing my snobby design sense).

So what happened over time is that I knew I was supposed to go to and that built a brand for me.

Fast forward a few years and the same stupid debates over B rate movies are still going on over lunch, except now I have a smart phone, so instead of a week I pull out my smart phone. Today it just sits on the table during lunch like it’s a revolver and I’m ready at any given time for a quick draw to pull a tiny piece of information from the cloud.

What has started to happen is that the websites were hard to navigate for people like me with fat fingers, no patience, and an incredibly low tolerance for poorly designed software. So people started to make mobile versions and apps for people like me.

So what happens now?

The first time that there was movie question and I open the mobile internet browser I get the prompt.


So, once again, I’m being trained. I don’t go to the internet browser on the mobile anymore, I swipe to the screen with the icon and I’m there. Two swipes + one push VS. the old days of push + type and then I had to find the “.” button which required that you solve a rubics cube to access….I mean finally we’re out of the dark ages.

This is the trend. This is what will continue to happen as the cost of apps comes down. As companies continue to move marketing dollars into mobile it will continue to happen exponentially, which will trigger all kinds of other issues. Foremost, too many apps and no way to differentiate your app, because most of these apps are built by people who haven’t really thought through the marketing further than having the icon designed (if you’ve been to one of my presentations on Branding you’ve heard this before).

Alright, so that’s why that stat doesn’t really matter. It’s a sampling of today, which is fine for a milestone, but I don’t like to watch how far things have come for the masses. To me it makes more sense to watch where the ball is going.

Hopefully this all made sense. I gotta go. Kaiser out.

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