Are you following your vision?

Had I been asked a year and a half ago if I would be cruising through the Andean Mountains of Peru via the Andean Explorer I would have rolled my eyes and lightly chuckled. But one day I decided to make my dreams a reality. I set a clear vision and put immense effort forward.  Then everything started coming together.

A year ago I made the decision to quit a respected marketing job to backpack through South America. This was during an economy where layoffs were considered normal and I was
considered reckless. But that is the opinion of the play-it-safers. Life is about taking risks and welcoming change.

Change. Where Growth Happens.

As in life and business – you cannot grow without change. Change is inevitable – count on it. And having a plan is crucial for success. Begin with a vision and then determine how to make it reality. Writing a mission statement helps you focus on achieving your vision. Once a mission statement has been written, goals and objectives can be created. Anything is possible as along as
effort and will are put forth, no matter how absurd the idea.



The most important aspect of planning my trip was to vocalize my vision with trusted friends,
family and colleagues. An overwhelming amount of support was received. This was not without criticism or lack of support from those that meant the most. The unwanted criticism is now some of the most valuable pieces of information I received. Every plan will have flaws and it’s your
responsibility to minimize them.

My plan’s flaw was how could I support myself if I wanted to travel long-term. Yes saving money and working extra odd end jobs in the states before hoping oceans sounded like a good idea. It wasn’t. I had a skill set – marketing in the digital age. Through vocalizing my plan I was presented with the opportunity to do freelance SEO / SEM, (search engine optimization) work. The opportunity improved my plan and has enabled me to continue traveling much longer.


Now the challenge is staying focused and being flexible. Daily distractions keep you from crossing off that never-ending to-do list. Set up time that is just for you to complete them sans interruptions. Block off your calendar and don’t ignore what needs to be done. Next is learning to be nimble. Often times unplanned circumstances arise and you are stuck in a far off town waiting for the next bus that won’t come for another 3 days. Make the most of your time and be in the moment. If you are too focused on something you cannot do anything about you aren’t embracing change. Don’t let that happen, new paths are constantly being created for us to take.

Take  a chance. Embrace your vision.