My good friend and super talented graffiti artist, Tyler, asked if I could help showcase him doing one of his pieces. It was to be a painting of the Cincinnati Reds’ second baseman, Brandon Phillips. Tyler is a huge Reds fan and wanted to do a painting that highlighted BP’s accomplishments as a ball player, with his winning of the Gold Glove Award and Silver Slugger Award.

We wanted to do something bigger than just a “progress video” that showed how Tyler does his work. So we did some back and forth brainstorming and came up with a cool idea to shoot around downtown Cincinnati, in several different locations. The idea being that the progress of the video is split up into different timelines that all coalesce at the end when you see the final product.
We started with some shots in a studio setting with lighting, showing the prep work that goes into one of his paintings. Every different color in the painting has to be drawn and cut out of different layers of card stock. You can see at one point the number of layers he had to use for this particular piece.
We then took 4 days to shoot the rest of the footage outside, all around the city. Because it was to be shot at night, with the final shot being done during sunrise, it made for some very cold filming conditions. We ended up getting all the shots we needed, while making it look like everything was done in one night.

I love the organic feeling this video has, showing the process of creating this amazing work of art. After the video was posted, Tyler was interviewed on 700 WLW, tweeted by Brandon Phillips, and written up on several Reds blogs. I really had a good time creating this.

Here’s a video Peter did of TribeTyler creating an original piece of graffiti art. This particular piece was done for Brandon Phillips of the Cincinnati Reds.

TribeTyler – Silver & Gold from Peter Weisgerber on Vimeo.