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Kenny Brightman

Here at L+P we like to keep an ear to the metaphorical floor of the internet. That might have conjured up some very gross images of filthy floors but to stay informed  sacrifices are made. Now on to the matter at hand, I have been keeping an eye on different social media platforms and I believe it has come time to discuss Medium. It’s been around for near 2 years now but it’s finally getting the attention it deserves.

Medium was created by the people who brought us Twitter, a company called Obvious. They sought to solve the problem they created with Twitter. Short bursts of 140 characters are great, but sometimes that’s just not enough. Revolutions have been built on this system around the Middle East mind you, so let’s not make too much fun on the 140 character concept. However there is a small snag, you couldn’t really tell a story on Twitter, nothing more than a Haiku.


Here walks in Medium.


It is a social blogging platform designed for meaningful writing. Now I am sure you are thinking “blogs already exist, why do we need ANOTHER platform?” Well, blogging in of itself has become a sort of art form. One needs to learn how to create, promote, maintain and update a website which all takes time away from the original purpose, to write good content. Medium also tackles another problem with which blogs struggle often to get out of, and that’s writing on the same subject, day after day, week after week. The blogging landscape has become highly specialized. Food bloggers don’t want to venture away from another recipe post because, God forbid, they will lose followers. I myself blog, but I happen to break all the rules, I write about all my completely unrelated hobbies in one place, i.e. archery, food, skating, travel, marketing, etc.; the list goes on and that is why this Medium platform has me so captivated. It allows me to connect with writers and readers on all my different interests without sacrificing viewership. Those that read for archery can do so and those that read for travel are equally as content. The organizational structure of the website is such that as a writer I can spread my wings in whatever direction my mind chooses and my content will find readers interested in the subject at hand.


Now you may be wondering how this platform, designed to make writers and readers happy, has anything new to bring to the table in terms of blogging.  It’s true, websites like WordPress have WordPress reader where you can follow certain topics or favorite writers internally but what you can’t do on WordPress is share your drafts with your favorite writers.  Medium bridges your idols and fans to help YOU become a better writer.  As the publisher you have the final say in how much change you can apply but having an opinion on a subject from a person whom you view as an expert is priceless.

That is where the value lies in this platform.  If it is knowledge you seek or wish to share, no bells and whistles needed, Medium is for you.


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Kenny Brightman

A native Daytonian, an Alumni of The Ohio State University in Industrial Design, and an avid business enthusiast. Kenny is focused on creative approaches to marketing, business, and branding. He prides himself on strategic, aggressive growth for Lion+Panda, and for their clients. Outside of business, his passion for everything automotive lead him to found Dayton Cars and Coffee.

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