“I’m meeting up with this guy Kenny tonight.  He’s really cool and I think you’d like him.  You should come out.”

That was the evening Philip introduced me to Kenneth Brightman III.

Kenny had just returned to the freelance world and was quickly making a name for himself in the marketing world with car guys.  It was one of those rare encounters where everything just clicked.  Kenny was one of those guys that just “got it”.  He understood what we were trying to do and embodied every essence of our disruptive model.

Kenny had just left his post as the director of marketing and public relations at Putsch Racing in Columbus to set out on his own.  It wasn’t more than 5 minutes after Kenny left that night that Philip and I both realized that it would be better to join forces than to both operate alone.  If you can’t beat em join em.KA Photography - 150

For the last 10 months Kenny has played a critical role within the team.  He has stepped up to take on challenges as an industrial/environmental designer, account manager, marketing strategist,  and probably his hardest role: the glue that has kept Philip and I together.  Like any startup we have had our share of ups and downs, but Kenny has balanced between executing incredible design and maintaining stability in the business.  Without a doubt he is the hybrid of Philip and I.

After 10 months of operating as an independent contractor through all of the ups and downs, we finally saw the opportunity to bring Kenny in as a partner within our team.

Kenny’s contributions to our group have been invaluable.  He has expanded our offering to include industrial design, environmental design and a background in branding for Fortune 500 companies that would impress even the most seasoned ad man.