How is your CEO’s digital reputation?

It’s not something that a lot of smaller business probably think about too often, but perhaps they should.  What do you project from your online presence?  What do you project when you’re on stage? Last week while I sat in […]

eSports: The Mother of all Emerging Markets

So everybody knows that championship sporting events get more spectators both in person and on TV than just about anything else.  The Super Bowl, The World Cup, The NBA Finals, and the Stanley Cup Finals are just a few that […]

3 things I learned from 180° South

“Real adventure is defined best as a journey from which you may not come back alive, and certainly not as the same person.” ― Yvon Chouinard, Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman   In 1968, […]

Our Juan-derful New Intern

Juan Manuel Muñoz Jimenez is a Wright State University graduate student, working on his MBA in Marketing and International Business.  He has spend a year as a graduate assistant for Wright State International Gateway (WSIG), the international admissions and student […]

Stalking Your Competition

  Competition is always one of the strongest reasons why businesses will make a decision.  It’s one part ‘keeping up with the Jones’ and one part fear of falling behind.  For many companies this can be very reactive.  They will […]

Leadership by Letting Go

People have asked me a lot about the day-to-day of Lion and Panda, and what helps us as we have been growing as a small business. This is a question that I have seen many times over the years for […]

How to focus and get shit done.

Get out of the routine. Sometimes it’s a change of scenery.  If you’re one of the growing number permitted to occasionally work from home you already know the value of this.  Taking the laptop to a coffee shop is only […]

WSU alumni create marketing firm

From Wright State University’s The Guardian Adam Ramsey, Features Writer February 21, 2014 Wright State University alumni Richard Kaiser and Philip Roestamadji recently co-founded their own marketing firm, Lion and Panda, which seeks to merge the models of big marketing […]

Dayton Daily News Covers Lion + Panda Launch

Let me start by saying that I feel guilty about publishing gated content for free access.  I know it’s wrong and I shouldn’t be doing this.  I understand that the newspaper industry is struggling to find revenue models that work, […]

From Word of Mouth to Website. The Natural Order.

“The only thing worse than being talked about…is not being talked about.” +Oscar Wilde in reference to websites. The best form of marketing is word of mouth. For example, someone telling a friend “you should go check out [insert company […]

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