When I was in college the glamour of agency life was created. All of the guest speakers who came and said how much they learned in agencies, and how it was far more valuable then college made it the perfect place to be after college.

I worked hard in college and had several interview at multiple agencies. Month and a half before graduating I had the promise of working at an agency in Columbus, and the excitement of it all was quite overwhelming. I spend the next to month of school being stress free!


Having the transition of never leaving my hometown, moving, and graduating had a huge impact on my experience. I went to college 15 minutes from my house and never really ventured out. I came to Columbus to to take a job and I never expected what would happen next.

When I started my job the atmosphere was obviously way different then college and deadlines were way more serious. Everything was way more serious. Having the responsibility of pushing work that would actually be used by large companies and being seen my thousand of people was intimidating.

The third day I knew it wasn’t where I was supposed to be. I knew I couldn’t do this the rest of my life, the rest of the year. I remember telling my instructor in college that I wanted to be self employed and that was my long term goal. Five years, is what I told her. There was no way that I would have ever been able to work in an environment like an agency, where I had to be working over 40 hours a week and leave work stressed everyday. Five years was too long.

So I did what no one would do in my position, a recent grad with a chunk of college debt would do, I quit my job.

“You can fail at what you don’t like so you might as well take a chance at doing something you love.”  That quote ate at my heart for the three months I stayed at the agency. I wasn’t doing what I loved, I wasn’t following my dreams, I wasn’t following or doing anything except work. So I decided to take a chance, I decided to risk it all, and even if I failed at least I tried. I’ve spent so much of my life playing it safe and doing “what made sense”, I wasn’t going to be stuck again.


So where am I now? I’m working full time for myself, making my own hours, choosing my own vacation time, allowing myself to work without being stress. I’m living a dream, I’m living my dream. Should you quit your job? Maybe.  Are you stuck, knowing there is more and to scared to risk it because its just not “safe?” If so, yes.

Our lives are these super short glimpses in time and if we don’t grab something in them and risk it all, we’ll look back and wondered if there was more. Dreams are worth pursing and if you have them then chase them, dreams are priceless and our lives too valuable to sit back and waste. We have opportunities everyday to change our lives and others, so lets not pass anymore. Take a chance and risk it.

I don’t know whats next and I don’t know what my next dream is, but today I’m writing away from my hometown. I’m writing from Virginia, and have every intent of seeing so much of the world. This is just the beginning and there is so much more to come.