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Chuck Gulas caste two stones into the river the ripples eventually collided and five years later Lion + Panda was founded.

mfqNPhnCI met with Chuck 7 years ago in his office. I had two options a safe job at Standard Register in IT and utilizing my CIS major or a position with a small IT company running their marketing department…where I would be head of a department, which was…me.

Richard would be in a similar situation a year later.  He was frustrated with a position selling environmental monitoring equipment. He learned to hate sales. Frustrated with the idea of wasting 3 years of school and no direction on where to go.  Chuck recommended reading Ogilvy on Advertising. Richard read it in one sitting and became obsessed with marketing to the point where he stopped dating and was determined to be the best marketer in Dayton.  Without design classes offered at the main campus he would travel an hour each way to take classes at a satellite campus. He is self taught in web design and development. Always reading on the latest trends in advertising and marketing.

Years later there was this long haired hippy looking fellow at the bar of a Advertising group Christmas party. He ordered a Manhattan while wearing a three piece suit. My brain registered one thought, “I wanna meet this guy.”

After five years of multiple encounters and discussing how the agency world could do things different and how someone should do this.  It took 5 years to figure it out, but eventually we realized….we could do it. I guess we are slow learners.

Today our agency challenges status quos, we empower a new generation of freelancers and contractors, and we put our value on our ability to grow businesses.  All of this was because Charles Gulas empowered two young students to take a chance.  Charles Gulas changed our destiny and today we are changing the way people view business.

Thanks Chuck.


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Philip Roestamadji

Philip Roestamadji is a Marketing Strategist with a background in technical strategy and B2B marketing. With an inbound marketing specialty, he has helped many organizations develop their search engine presence, lead generation tactics, and marketing automation process. Pulling from his 5+ years of experience working with SMBs, corporations, and nonprofits, Philip utilizes a strong mix of technology and marketing strategy to help businesses build their market share and profitability Philip has lead the development of many large site developments and technical integrations for companies like General Electric and WorkflowOne. From site layout, project process, testing, and integration, he has overseen and managed the development many critical business sites and applications. This has included eCommerce applications, CRM solutions, content management systems, and EDI integrations.

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