Seth Godin’s brilliance just got tossed.


I just deleted more than 1,000 of emails of ‘Seth’s Blog’ without reading more than 10… ever. 


SETH GODIN is missing the marketing… mark.


Inbox Zero

Defining your message and the platform for your audience is key to reaching them. I know where I want information, and where I don’t. The low information diet is good, but ‘inbox zero’ is better. For this reason, his emails all had to go; delete and unsubscribe. Sorry, Seth.

In a quick personal audit of ‘keep/kill’ to align my information flows, my inbox is ‘work’. My work inbox is nothing more than that… not entertainment, not personal email, and it’s focused. Everyone has their own means of consumption and organization, but clutter is bad.


Seth’s Advice

If you’re not familiar with Seth Godin, he’s a New York Times bestseller, he riffs daily in emails about marketing emails, and he’s a TEDx speaker and entrepreneur. He’s a brilliant observer, clear communicator, and ‘thinking man’.

Here’s where this all falls apart.

Godin sends a daily email to many, many thousands, with content just like his best-selling books. After spending my days in front of a screen reading emails and drafting proposals, it’s YouTube or podcasts for me in the evening if I want to consume business content. I’m done reading for the day. Yet, Seth reaches people via written word nearly every day on in his emails and on his blog (



Seth is leaving a huge opportunity on the table. His verified YouTube channel hosts 3 videos and has garnered 2k subscribers. If he merely read his daily email, on camera, and uploaded to YouTube he would be driving huge traffic, opening new eyes, and reaching an entirely new audience.

     In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.

– Seth Godin


Where and When

I want to consume fresh knowledge on my terms, I’ve defined where I want to be entertained, informed, and communicate personally. Interspersing these other forms of communication amongst a plethora of ‘straight work’ was tiring and distracting. If you know me, you know, I have two modes; short focus and long duration hyper-focus with nothing in between.

Seth’s emails are always insightful and thought-provoking, but the ‘mental timing’ during ‘work mode’ was not a good fit. We need to understand this about our clients as well. Where is your audience ‘on/open’ and where are they ‘off/closed’? This distinction can be the difference between deflected and accepted. Your audience loves Instagram in the evening? Perfect. This platform could be the place and time where you entertain or educate because your audience is ‘open’ to allow their attention to be focused. 

Seth wrote a book about marketing called ‘Permission Marketing’. It outlines the principles behind my ‘opt-in’ to his email. Now that I’ve decided to revoke his ‘permission’ to email me… he’s not given me another appropriate option to opt-in with another means of retaining a relationship.


The scalable, omni-channel approach can (or could) be amazing for your marketing (e.g. email, Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, video, etc). Tracking what messaging works, what doesn’t, what platform, and what time will help you reach your audience with your message better. This is the ‘practice of marketing’.


If he wanted to stay ahead of the curve, he’d adopt the same mentality behind the short daily email and its original intent. At a minimum, with the movement in daily briefings via Amazon’s Alexa Voice and the like, he would be very well served to voice record each day and start a ‘skill’ that would be the new means for how we consume (and more will consume) this type of informational quick content.



In life, the right time AND right place are critical.

I still love Seth, but I love ‘inbox zero’ more.

Hope to see you on YouTube and/or Alexa, Seth.


Until then, I’ll be ‘Waiting For Godin’.



Who would you love to see switch mediums or platforms to better consumer their content?