Peter met up with Philip and I a few weeks ago and we were instantly interested in collaborating.  He’s got that spark where you can tell he just wants to do some great work.


Peter is an artist specializing in video production. He has an eclectic background in shooting. First as a portrait and lifestyle photographer, to skateboard videos, commercial work, weddings, music videos and everything in between. Having worked in many different fields with many different types of people, Peter is very good at connecting with his clients on a personal level, and creating videos that capture the emotion and feeling that is being conveyed. He can also talk to you for hours about everyone’s favorite boy wizard, Harry Potter.

Check out more of Peter’s work at

Weisgerber Productions Demo Reel from Peter Weisgerber on Vimeo.

If you were a kitchen appliance what would you be?

– I think I would be a microwave. They have a lot of functionality and can work with a variety of different things. Heating up water for tea, defrosting meat, taking your old meals and making them warm and good again.


What did you play with as a child?

-I played with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys, Legos, Hot Wheels. Pretty Standard early 90’s kid stuff. I also went HARD on the NES. Blades of Steel. Battletoads. Mario Bros.  Excite Bike.


What’s your superpower, or what’s your spirit animal?

– It might be cliche, but I believe my spirit animal is a dog. I am a very loyal and protective, but can also have a good time and run around like an idiot. (I would totally be a cool dog like a German Shepherd)


What superhero would you be and why?

– The great debate is always Batman VS Superman. But I am inclined to chose Hiro from the TV show Heroes. I would love to be able to control time (and in relation, space). Time travel is fascinating to me. The ability to travel forward and backward in time (and space) to better understand the past and look at the future would be fantastic.


Who is your role model, and why?

-My father is my role model. He has tirelessly worked and worked to provide for his family. As a new dad, I now understand his commitment to giving everything he has of himself for the betterment of his family.


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What motivates you and what doesn’t?

-Now that I am a dad, nothing motivates me more than my son. (Sappy alert) My focus has completely changed since he was born.  I motivate myself to be better for him. Something that doesn’t motivate me? Being too hot. If I’m too hot, son you better believe I don’t wanna do anything.


What is your favorite campaign?

Probably Reagan/Bush in 1984


What’s been your best work that you think you are proud of yourself and what about them could you have done better?

-It’s very hard for me to pick something as my best work. Whenever I finish a project, I always think about how I could have done something different to make it better.  I was really happy with the Silver and Gold video I did for my friend, Tyler.  As far as what I would’ve done to make it better,  there were a couple shots that weren’t my favorite composition. I would re-shoot a couple clips with a more dynamic composition.


What is your hidden talent and how did you discover it?

– I guess it’s a talent. I have an uncanny ability to remember actors and actresses and different roles they have played. Commercials, voice acting, tv shows, movies. Doesn’t matter what they’ve been in, I remember most everyone from something.  As far as physical talent goes, forget it bud.


How did you get to this interview?

– I was referred to Lion and Panda from a friend of mine, Scott Robbins.  I met him at a photography conference in January of 2013 in Atlanta. He’s a swell guy.


Tell me in no more than 5 words what you think Lion + Panda does?

-Makes businesses better.
If you were a pizza delivery man, how would you benefit from scissors?

– Scissors would come in handy whilst delivering pizza for a few reasons. For instance, perhaps a customer comes to the door and is hosting a party. Now they’ve ordered a lot of pizzas, 2-liters, and garlic bread. But they are having a hard time dividing up the bill between their friends. So you take those trusty scissors and cut the bill into more manageable sizes and give them to each of the party goers that ordered. Also for personal protection.