Media Kits + Press Kits

With a growing trend in the newspaper and online world of doing more with less it is more important than ever to provide a helping hand to content creators.  One method for doing this is to provide a media kit on your website where they can quickly and easily download elements needed to craft their stories.  While every company is different there are some core elements that should be included in every media kit:

  • company logo/brand standards guide
  • company background
  • photos
  • photos/bios/quotes
  • point of contact
  • “fact sheet”


Logo / Brand Standards

One of the worst feelings is to be a design company and see your logo pixelated and distorted because they grabbed a random logo from Google Image search.  I know because I’ve been there.  Providing a link to a media kit can help writers have the assets that they need saving them time and you embarrassment.


Company Background

Sure it’s on your About page of your site, but perhaps this version is a little more cute and dry.  Removing “the marketing speak” can ensure a clear understanding for writers to convey the core offering of your company.

Screenshots / Images

Whether you are showing screenshots of you app development or product images, it is important to ensure that these are high resolution.  This could also include concept art


While you might have a page on your website with your staff members, again, it’s important to have everyone located in one spot to simplify the process for the writer.  Included should be a headshot of each of the key staff members.  Key staff could include the executive team, key personnel in R+D or a golf pro dependant upon your business type.  Also including a quote with each profile will help writers so they don’t need to call individuals directly.

Young Woman with Tablet Out in the City

Point of Contact

Sometimes the writer is going to need a direct point of contact to get additional information about a product or product launch.  Having a clearly identified point of contact will ensure that they have contact information for the right person.

Fact Sheet

This doesn’t need to be a traditional one sheet with a bunch of bullets.  Make it fun and interactive with the help of infographics so viewers can quickly identify and understand that data.


Lastly, think of other resources that you could provide that will help to make a more convincing story.  Does your company have a short overview video?  Embed it on the page and provide the embed code below.  With a rise in the number of online content producers it is more likely that they will help to show your overview video to the world (assuming it’s not lame).

As always, if you need help drop us a line and we can help you create a media kit that will ensure you make more friends with the press.