Assisted Patrol

Theft is a problem. Some thieves are repeat offenders and they think they won’t get caught again, but they should think again! This mobile app development by Assisted Patrol is an innovative program that helps police target theft by using cutting edge technology without dedicated manpower from police departments.


The Strategy

David Gasper and his team created Assisted Patrol, a thief apprehension system that works without draining extra manpower from police departments. To promote this new technology, he turned to Lion + Panda for an arresting website design and web tools that empower law enforcement in their fight against theft.

  • The Delivery

    The website is a simple, modern design built to give police a no-nonsense means for implementing this new technology in their law enforcement arsenal. After developing the website, we turned to our graphic design talent to produce collateral material in the form of business cards, handout literature for communities describing this new law enforcement tool, and advertisements placed in publications read by law enforcement leaders around the world.


As interest in the mobile application grew, Lion + Panda further teamed with Assisted Patrol to build presentation materials designed to show police departments the benefits of this crime-fighting technology.

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