Continental Fan

Continental Fan is a major supplier of top-quality, air-moving equipment.


The Strategy

Our challenge was to redesign the company’s web site to serve both as their digital marketing face and also an informational resource for their fast-moving sales reps and distributors.

  • The Delivery

    In the world of Dayton web design, if the platform your web site is built on is not up to snuff, you have to start from scratch.  That’s exactly what we did with CFM.  We rebuilt their site on a new platform to ensure it was responsive and could be viewed on any type of device.  In addition we used AJAX to allow CFM to update their site without have to reload each page.  Then we took their entire catalog of products and put it into an e-catalog that their employees and customers could manage, sort, and sift quickly.   Most importantly, we provided CFM with a digital foundation to move into the future with tracking systems and other types of high-level functionality.


The Results

After our work with CFM, they registered an immediate 10% increase in traffic to their site.


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