High Street Communications

When we met the team from Ertel Publishing they were preparing to launch a new company that would provide creative copy to clients to help them differentiate from their competitors.  With a big vision and an under-served market, building a strong brand was critical.


The Strategy

Lion + Panda partnered with Ertel Publishing to identify a business name (High Street Communications), develop a brand and build a website that would differentiate them from their competitors in the market.

  • The Delivery

    With an established logo, we went to work creating collateral materials and a website built around a modern take on art deco.  The website was built on a WordPress CMS to ensure the High Street Communications team can continue to build out additional pages and update their blog on an ongoing basis.

The Results

Since launching High Street Communications, the company has quickly built upon their brand by creating unique and powerful content helping to establish a voice for the brands they work with.  Our partnership with High Street Communications has proven mutually beneficial.  Our clients benefit beyond great design and now have engaging content that is creating real results for their brands.

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