Lots O Fabric





The Strategy

Lots O Fabric was held hostage by an old website that prevented content updates and also racked up maintenance fees. The fabric-selling business asked us to give the company a reupholstered look with a fabulous new website.

  • The Delivery

    We brought the site up to date and developed a cleaner, more modern design worthy of Lots O Fabric’s brand. Then we increased traffic by making it more SEO-friendly and searchable. We added trimmings such as a sign-up for sales and events, browsing links, and a fast and convenient e-commerce cart.  Matching fabric colors, patterns and textures is extremely important to their customers.  So we built a dynamic “design wall” that allows visitors to match fabrics interactively.  Finally, and of course, we integrated the site with social media, so customers can interact and spread the word about Lots O Fabric.

The Results

Lot O Fabric has experienced lots of traffic since Lion + Panda updated their website. The visitors are showing their appreciation for the refreshed experience, exploring over thirty pages on an average visit and staying five minutes on average. Traffic has increased as well, not only with those that have used the site. They are sewing up the attention of newer users discovering the site and appreciating the aesthetics of the online shop.  All of that positive attention leads to more sales, and more repeat business.

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