Orion Physical Therapy

Orion Physical Therapy is a private outpatient physical therapy and sports medicine practice committed to serving the Greater Dayton area in their mission to be leaders in physical therapy, sports medicine, and health & wellness services.  They are dedicated to serving clients through high quality, effective and efficient individualized care and education.


The Strategy

Dr. Philip Anloague and his team approached us to rebrand their practice in a way that would reflect their forward thinking approach to physical therapy.  From there we would create a new website and supporting marketing materials.


  • The Delivery

    The logo design is an abstract nod to both the constellation Orion and physical therapy.  The most famous aspect of the constalation Orion is in his belt.  Ancient Egyptians believed that the center star, Sirius, was the gateway to heaven.  The pyramids of Giza in Egypt are also in the same pattern as Orion’s belt.  It is rumored that at the time that the pharaohs had passed away that there would have been a hole through the entire structure of the pyramid from the pharaoh’s eye looking upon Sirius.

    In our logo design there also resides the three circles which allude to the human vertebrae, which is one of the most common areas of pain for patients.  The overlapping of the circles also suggests connectivity similar to the tight-knit relationship between therapist and patient.

The Results

Since launching the new brand and website Orion Physical Therapy has been inundated with thousands of potential customers through the website.

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