Stockslagers Fundraising

Beginning in 1959 as a part-time hobby, Stockslager’s Greenhouse and Garden Center has grown from one small glass greenhouse to nearly six acres of indoor gardening space.  Stockslager’s Greenhouse and Garden Center is the Miami Valley’s largest grower of top-quality bedding plants, perennials, fall mums, and poinsettias.  It is a wholesale and retail operation servicing independent retailers and landscapers throughout Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

The Strategy

For years, Stockslager’s Greenhouse and Garden Center has provided non-profit organizations with the tools to sell plants in their local community to raise money.  This has been mutually beneficial for the nonprofits and Stockslager’s Garden Center.

  • The Delivery

    We brainstormed with the Stockslager’s team on ways to expose their fundraising service to a wider audience.   We concepted a web application for nonprofits to organize their fundraising teams and reach out to online audiences as well as supporters on the ground.  To ensure available inventory, we tied the web application to their inventory management system and their QuickBooks.

The Results

The program is currently in beta development with a few select organizations.  This project reminds us why we do what we do.  We helped a business grow an area of their business while assisting nonprofits in funding their individual missions.

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