Vandalia Range and Armory

VRA is a locally owned and operated center specializing in firearm education, training, and purchases. They offer gun rentals, shooting ranges, and help for customers with their firearm needs. They’ve also been recognized as a top-rated outfit by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).

The Strategy

The leadership at VRA wanted a new showcase for their brand in the form of a clean, simple, and informative website. They wanted a spotlight on their products and services, but they also wanted a focus on their commitment to education and training. Because VRA has a growing, nontraditional customer base, we made it our mission to show that they are not a simple “gun store.”

  • The Delivery

    VRA had an aging website that lacked some needed capabilities.  We dug in and delivered a new design and logo, improved content, and back-end updates. The site is now more compelling, more responsive, and quickly gets visitors where they want to go. Part of the redesign included adding an e-commerce solution tailored to the unique characteristics of gun and accessory purchases. A new online catalog presents more products and ensures VRA offers fast, accurate customer purchase quotes. We enhanced the customer experience with clear, step-by-step processes for selecting and purchasing any product. We improved their document management system for product purchases, so VRA can better track, store, and organize documents. To finish it off, we included web traffic monitoring tools to report accurate website visitor and customer activity.

The Results

The results have been fantastic for VRA. Through better SEO and web content, the store has gained a surge in foot traffic.  In addition more emails and inquiries have flowed in. As a bonus, they’ve even seen a rise in out-of-state customers. The increased sales have helped this company get where they want to be, making them one of the premier firearm sales, training, and education centers in the region.

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