From Marketing Chaos Rises a New Branding Agency

Lion + Panda is an integrated branding agency focused on Dayton web design and Cincinnati web design. But we’ll work with you no matter where you are.

We created our company because we saw the world of marketing changing around us. In the midst of the disruption of traditional branding, digital-advertising, and social media, the world economy was in a slump. This shakeup caused swarms of marketers to move in different directions. Since then, the ranks of fresh branding agencies, nonprofits, and lean, new media organizations have emerged from the bedlam. And all of them need talent and strategies in order to solve problems for their customers.

That’s where we come in.

A Branding Agency for Dayton, Cincinnati, and the World

We’re not a traditional agency that hasn’t made the digital switch. And we’re not a digital agency that views traditional branding agency strategies as outdated or ineffective. We are a hybrid marketing team. We function as a network of partners from around the world. The result is a branding agency that delivers superb results.

Our passion is to make our customers successful. We do that by opening doors for the hungry and talented marketers out there. Then, we let them do what they do best—find solutions for you. So take a look down there. From strategists to designers to SEO experts and writers, we have them all.

We even have a neurophysiologist. Yeah, we’ve got you covered.

Laura Huser, Graphic Designer

Laura Huser

Graphic Designer

Laura Huser is a graphic designer and front end developer living in central Ohio. She has always loved picking up new skills like a magpie with shiny objects. Today Laura produces print designs, branding, websites, and illustrations for a variety of clients. Laura counts her role creating character designs for the gaming industry and illustrations for children’s books as among her favorite projects. A love of typography and illustrations took her back to her alma mater where she teaches the subjects to future designers and illustrators.

Alex Culpepper, Content Partner

Alex Culpepper

Content Partner

During the past 17 years, I have partnered on a broad collection of projects for business, education, and government, and I have written, edited, and managed programs to produce academic content, advertisements, media articles, and reports.

Kenny Brightman, Partner

Kenny Brightman


Kenny Brightman III is a Partner at Lion + Panda, a hybrid marketing agency delivering creative and practical solutions with beautiful design and powerful development. A strategist and former business analyst with a diverse background, Brightman is noted for growing the bottom line and creating on-going value. He is responsible for high-level client relationships, and is the principal behind Lion + Panda’s major revenue generation.

Brightman has consulted with Fortune 500 companies and small business to help them with global brand shifts, acquisition decisions, corporate sales/marketing strategies. He feels having a highly tuned strategy with the right team to execute it is what makes Lion + Panda valuable to their clients.

In addition to being passionate about business, Brightman is also a lifelong, automotive enthusiast and the founder of Dayton Cars and Coffee.

Aaron Adams, Lead Technologist

Aaron Adams

Lead Technologist

Aaron Adams has done a little bit of everything across the IT spectrum and accumulated quite a range of experience over the past two decades. That experience has led him to start his own IT company, Empyrean, which serves as part of a strategic partnership for our IT division, Lion + Panda Technical.

Since he refused to send me an actual photo in a timely manner.  Instead here is a picture of a puppy in a funny hat.

Tracy E. Bartley, Digital Marketing & Analytics

Tracy E. Bartley

Digital Marketing & Analytics

Tracy is a marketer and communicator specializing in all things digital. She has an eclectic background, first working with small businesses in New York City, then moving on to scrappy startups in Austin, TX and Washington D.C., and finally on to international nonprofits. She has an absurd number of certifications and two Masters degrees, demonstrating her love of learning. She has also spent nearly five years of her life “on the road” in Europe, South East Asia, Central America, South America and in East Africa, and plans on reaching her two remaining continents (Australia and Antarctica) within the next two years.

Patrick Lee, Developer

Patrick Lee


Patrick is a Business Application Administrator  and MS SQL Server Administrator at an “Undisclosed Location” by day.  He has worked in/on secure environments for companies such as Northrop Gruman developing in Coldfusion.  His origins are from the greater Dayton area starting as a Network Engineer for Digital Concepts and later moving onto The Berry Company.

Joshua Hatfield, Web Developer

Joshua Hatfield

Web Developer

Joshua is a front-end and backend developer who specializes in PHP, JavaScript, mySQL, and Linux environments. Whether he’s building a landing page, e-commerce integration, WordPress plugin, or an intensive data-powered application, his vast set of skills allow these creations to scale with security and speed in mind.

As well as being a technical solutions provider, he has a background in business administration and is a veteran of the Ohio Army National Guard. This early dynamic has shaped him into the process-oriented web architect he is today.

Meghan Neary, Copywriter

Meghan Neary


Meghan is a passionate copywriter with experience in content creation, e-commerce, and search engine optimization. She wrote her first jingles in preschool, capturing the essence of dish detergent and lollipops. She has been honing her skills as a wordsmith ever since. Taking after Yogi Berra, her unique and entertaining everyday interpretations epitomize the power of language. Her life’s ambition is to write the next iconic commercial, and in the meantime, find a decent coffee table.​

Casey Spitnale, Designer and Web Developer

Casey Spitnale

Designer and Web Developer

Casey is a graduate from the School of Advertising Art. Casey has received the American Graphic Design award and has been featured in GD USA. He has worked with several international clients including GE Capital, Fifth Third Bank, Ashley Furniture, Rooms To Go, Sogeti USA, and Mohawk Industries. He is skilled in web development and design, video animation and print.

Scott Salyer, Owner / Partner @ RubyHaus

Scott Salyer

Owner / Partner @ RubyHaus

I assist in the architecting and designing of web-based application software with a specialty in API generation with web services and developing solutions to make otherwise incompatible systems communicate via XML, MSMQ and various other communication platforms.

The largest system ever architected/implemented was for a Fortune 500 company to help facilitate procurement of source material for their various products. At one point in time that system, which was split into a second system for another company (but had to communicate back to the original version) as well as a third I am responsible for had a total financial transaction level of > $1B annually.

Jordan Manke, Designer

Jordan Manke


During the day Jordan works at within the Marketing Department for the University of Dayton and Flyer Enterprises with the Director of Marketing to produce various advertisements and branded collateral for the cafe—including: flyers, coupons, table tents, digital ads, and stickers,  In his free time Jordan also does graphic design and event photography for Blue Monster Entertainment.


Tom Biedenharn, Communications Consultant & Writer

Tom Biedenharn

Communications Consultant & Writer

Tom honed his writing and messaging skills over 30 years in the public relations arena. His experience runs broad and deep across the communications landscape, including strategic communications planning, organizational communications, crisis communication, media relations & coaching, branding, website & social media development, event planning, government relations, and citizen, employee & customer engagement. He creates and executes robust communications plans to help businesses and organizations interact with such diverse audiences as stakeholders, customers, employees and the media.

Brian Petro, Smart Guy in a Tie

Brian Petro

Smart Guy in a Tie

Brian Petro is a Cleveland, OH native and a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art. He is relentlessly curious, imbibing everything from cooking shows to books (especially books) like so many glasses of fine bourbon. That curiosity has lead him to work with Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, small businesses, and educational institutions. Educating his clients is his goal, and he uses his writing and design talents to achieve it. You can find his writing about cocktails, beer, and spirits in Dayton Most Metro and Alcohol Professor, and his design work throughout the web and retail outlets.

Ryan Slater, Designer

Ryan Slater


Ryan Slater is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Nashville. He’s into branding, handmade type, packaging, poster making, screen printing, web & UI design. Ryan Slater is also a recent graduate of The Art Institute of Tennessee with a BFA in graphic design. Ryan worked in the corporate sector, where he designed marketing and sales materials, brand assets, and innovative web content for several Fortune 500 companies.

Nicole Bogard, SEO / SEM Strategist

Nicole Bogard

SEO / SEM Strategist

Nicole, a native Daytonian, is a diverse marketer and cross-functional leader with a strong background in product marketing. Her passion for marketing consulting was recently discovered while attending the University of Dayton for her MBA. Being able to positively impact local businesses through search engine optimization and search engine marketing has driven her to become a Dayton SEO pro.

Philip Roestamadji, Marketing Specialist, Co-Founder

Philip Roestamadji

Marketing Specialist, Co-Founder

Philip Roestamadji is a Marketing Strategist with a background in technical strategy and B2B marketing. With an inbound marketing specialty, he has helped many organizations develop their search engine presence, lead generation tactics, and marketing automation process. Pulling from his 5+ years of experience working with SMBs, corporations, and nonprofits, Philip utilizes a strong mix of technology and marketing strategy to help businesses build their market share and profitability Philip has lead the development of many large site developments and technical integrations for companies like General Electric and WorkflowOne. From site layout, project process, testing, and integration, he has overseen and managed the development many critical business sites and applications. This has included eCommerce applications, CRM solutions, content management systems, and EDI integrations.

Peter Weisgerber, Videographer

Peter Weisgerber


Peter is an artist specializing in video production. He has an eclectic background in shooting. First as a portrait and lifestyle photographer, to skateboard videos, commercial work, weddings, music videos and everything in between. Having worked in many different fields with many different types of people, Peter is very good at connecting with his clients on a personal level, and creating videos that capture the emotion and feeling that is being conveyed. He can also talk to you for hours about everyone’s favorite boy wizard, Harry Potter.

Chris Beach, Art Director

Chris Beach

Art Director

Chris is a graphic designer with  core competences in brand development, logo creation, print design, and web design. He also has been instrumental in providing brand/art direction and UI/UX expertise in various projects to ensure continuity and effective graphic communication. Chris has worked with a large variety of clients including leading companies such as Toy’s R’US, Babies R’US, Honeywell, Xavier University, OfficeMax, Holloway Sports, and many others. His multiple areas of design expertise and range of industry experience provides him with the ability to help any client, regardless of size, achieve their brand vision and goals through any medium needed.

Chelsey Ancliffe, Project Manager

Chelsey Ancliffe

Project Manager

Chelsey is a natural at organizing and managing teams for projects of any size. She has managed hundreds of website development and design projects across many industries. Her passion for digital marketing was ignited while completing her degree in Anthropology at Concordia University in Montreal. There she discovered her interest for digital technology and online communities.

A dedicated world traveler, Chelsey has lived in some of the world’s greatest cities including Copenhagen, New York and Montreal where she is currently based. Through her travels she has been active in a number of projects in film production and urban sustainability. Chelsey’s diverse background enables her to energize every client mandate with a fresh and unique perspective.

Kim Metter, Accounting/Bookkeeping

Kim Metter


Kim Metter is an organizer at heart. Her attention to detail and meticulous care give her a distinct advantage in the digital organization world. She enjoys fixing problems and finding the solution, which makes her a diligent bookkeeper. She feels that organization, both physical and digital, benefits everyone. In addition to helping clients get organized, Kim also creates beautifully designed spaces using her talents in interior design. Kim is a Dayton native, and in her free time, cultivates her passion for food, spirits and art.   

Carly Short, Photographer

Carly Short


A graduate from the Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology (OIP&T), Carly Short has received numerous accolades. In 2008, she won first place for Fine Art in the Microsoft Future Pro Photographers contest. Other awards include Outstanding Portfolio at OIP&T and two Mercury Awards presented by the American Advertising Federation-Dayton (Best Photography Rep; Newcomer of the Year). Carly has also interned with celebrity photographer Matthew Jordan Smith, working with him on “America’s Next Top Model” and “Style Her Famous.”

Alex Salsman, Marketing Strategist

Alex Salsman

Marketing Strategist

As Marketing Strategist I lead businesses into new marketing and advertising projects, that range from branding, and video creation to website development, and technical back-end implementations. With a strategy before design philosophy and an emphasis on delivering the best value possible to our clients through our virtual hybrid agency model, Lion + Panda can undertake projects in nearly any aspect of marketing and advertising.

11.5 Things to Know about L&P

  • 1


    That’s the Lion + Panda mantra, and we won’t stop saying it. We figure that without a clear strategy for creating something, you’re just asking for a mess at the end of the day. We make sure we understand you and your brand before we even turn on our computers.

  • 2

    Creative isn’t a title, it’s a requirement

    Lion + Panda believes that labeling anyone as “creative” is pointless because every member of our team is creative. (Excluding our accountant, Doug isn’t creative.)

  • 3

    Size does matter

    We run a small crew. Staying small allows our team to be nimble and responsive to new trends and technologies. It also keeps costs low. Besides, Lion + Panda has access to additional talent for large projects.

  • 4

    Fail harder

    We encourage our team to push the envelope. That means bold moves and risk-taking. Sometimes those risks pay off, and sometimes they don’t. But if we aren’t attempting new strategies and trying new perspectives, we are becoming irrelevant.

  • 5

    Weird in a better way

    As our name suggests, we aren’t like the other kids in the sandbox. We help our clients differentiate their brands from their competitors’ brands. Or, as we like to say: Differentiate, or watch your customers go to someone who did.

  • 6

    Don’t row the boat

    If you’re leading your company, then your role is to grow the business. You need to steer the ship. Because if you stop and come down to row the boat, then no one is steering. We help leaders keep their hands on the wheel.

  • 7

    Technology doesn’t get the keys

    Yes, we’re nerds, but we don’t let technology drive all of our conversations. We start with the basics then find the technology solution to fit the purpose.

  • 7.5

    Media Agnostic

    Lion + Panda doesn't believe in selling your company the same thing we sold our last customer. We start with custom strategies and determine the best media for your message.

  • 8

    If you build it, they probably wont come

    Just because you build a sexy website doesn’t mean that people will find it. Lion + Panda believes in backing every website with a strategy to get clicks, monitor traffic, and make sales.

  • 9

    Magic is for magicians

    We never learned how to pull rabbits out of hats, so we won’t tease you with unrealistic expectations. We know it takes time to build a brand, and we’re there every step of the way.

  • 10

    Numbers don’t lie people lie

    Nothing is more frustrating than a business partner who can’t define the ROI on a project. Our philosophy is to make every marketing tactic measurable. (Like we said, we’re nerdy.)

  • 11

    Battling giants

    Lion + Panda has worked with Fortune 500 companies. We know the Goliaths of the industry, and nothing makes us happier than helping small and medium-sized businesses compete. The Achilles’ heel of being big is the inability to move quickly. We help our clients implement swift processes and advanced technology, all to get their message to the market faster. Grab your slingshot. Let’s go hunt giants!

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