Lexi Ball is our first official Account Manager / Marketing Strategist.  Hurray!  Lexi is experienced in leading clients to develop brand strategy and advertising assets from traditional to digital. After studying psychology at the University of Pittsburgh, she channeled her efforts into learning everything she could about consumer psychology and business communications. She brings a passion to collaborate to deliver measurable results to clients and has worked with several teams to create impactful brand strategies developing strong relationships with consumers.

So we send out the list of questions to new team members and they are supposed to choose 10 to 12 to answer and then send us two new questions….OR…you could be a total overachiever like Lexi Ball and answer all of them.



How would you live your life if you had a week to live?

Probably build one of those watches from Clockstoppers so that I could slow time down. I’d then do various activities; anything from spending time with my family to eating delicious food to preserving my life’s achievements in a glorious 500-page memoire. I might also find those people who ask genies for more wishes and give them a swift kick in the rear.


How would you live your life if you were going to live forever?

No different than how I would live my life if I had the Clockstoppers watch


Where do you find peace?

In thought


Would you rather walk backwards for the rest of your life, or stub your toe with every step you took? Explain your choice.

Walk backwards – the other choice would gain me no notoriety, whereas with walking backwards, it would kind of become my thing. I’d become more capable than any human living or dead at that skill and would have the potential to develop a cult-like following of those trying to understand my strange achievement. Someday I’d end up as a tumblr post, and that’s the dream right there.


What is your favorite campaign?

Call me crazy, but the HeadOn! campaign was insanely effective. It positioned the product as a novel and innovative solution to a widespread pain point across multiple audiences. There’s also the DirectTV commercials, which take the viewer from the annoyance of a broken satellite dish to the horrendous dread of finding oneself in a hotel-room-hunting-safari with Charlie Sheen. I like both equally, but for different reasons.


Do you believe in Bigfoot?

Yes, but only for funsies. Mermaids are where it’s really at.

mythology being, mermaid in underwater scene, photo compilation


Who is your role model, and why?

I don’t think I have one, but I do create a repository of the brilliant people I want to learn from: David Ogilvy, Salvador Dali, Ernest Hemingway, Marsha Linehan, Jeff Mangum, Immanuel Kant – I should probably quit while I’m ahead, but the list goes on.


What motivates you and what doesn’t?

Passionate people set up to succeed. Specifically working in the marketing industry, I’ve seen the limitless potential of a bunch of creatives collaborating to solve a problem. It’s hard to not want to push myself to make a valuable contribution in that situation. And it’s the exact opposite that doesn’t motivate me: people dispassionate about their work forcibly coming together to solve a poorly articulated problem.


Tell me in no more than 5 words what you think Lion + Panda does?

Business and marketing correctly


What is your hidden talent and how did you discover it?

The wave. Like the dance move. I can do the wave in a bunch of different ways, including with my knuckles. Yeah – I been known to pop and luck now and then.


How did you get to this interview?

Ah, LinkedIn. To you I am forever indebted.


What’s your superpower, or what’s your spirit animal?

My superpower is that I can imagine a lot of things, and my spirit animal is either an orca or a cuttlefish. Maybe an orttlefish?


If you could throw a party of any caliber, budget isn’t a factor, what type of parade would it be?

Puppy parade. No doubt. Just lots of puppies being happy, wearing dog hats. Would probably follow the plot line of “Go Dog Go” pretty closely.


What do you do for fun and what would you be doing if it wasn’t advertising?

I write for fun, take pictures, dance, learn music, research whatever subject matter I happen to be intrigued by at the moment. If I wasn’t doing advertising, hmm, maybe branding?


What advice would you give to anyone trying to make it in the ad world?

Learn as much as you can and be okay with feeling out of your league from time to time


If you were a kitchen appliance what would you be?

A garlic press. Call it an unfortunate (ly-smelling) obsession, but I can’t resist garlic.


Garlic press with garlic isolated on white


What’s the story about your family or your cat?

My family doesn’t have a cat because my mom doesn’t like them. She’s a grump when it comes to cats.


What’s the most embarrassing thing that happened to you in high school and/or college?

In high school, we had to memorize and perform a poem of our choosing in English class. About a minute and a half in, I notice my teacher laughing. A tasteless act in the presence of a very nervous high school student. At the end, before anything else, he asked me what I thought the poem was about. “Springtime,” I said.

“Nope, it’s about sex.”

I think that about sums it up.


It seems like there are a lot of people from the advertising world spending more energy on social causes. Is this actually a trend?

I hope so.


Why are people from the advertising and marketing world joining social causes?

Information gets us to good. Because of the internet, we’re not limited by ignorance anymore, so we’re painfully aware of the social injustices around us and around the globe. With this stunning and unprecedented awareness, popular opinion fiscally supports marketing and advertising surrounding social causes. It’s pretty exciting.



What was the last gift you gave someone?

Gallium to my brother for Christmas. It melts at 85.57 degrees Fahrenheit, so it melts in your hand. I’d wanted to buy it for months.


What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

The usual – a biker swerving too quickly down the road, eventually taking a turn too fast and wiping out. I’m a sucker for slapstick. The biker and his bike were both okay. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been funny.


It’s Thursday, you’ve got to be at a project in Marrakech, Morocco on Monday. Your flight and hotel are booked; your visa is ready. What are the top five things you do before you leave?

Review project details, ensure everything is packed, look at Dali paintings for inspiration, say goodbye to my family and endure the inevitable lectures about how to be safe overseas, and then listen to classical music.


How does the internet work?

With undersea cables and big server rooms and geniuses behind the scenes and beautiful code and cats


What did you play with as a child?

Messy things: finger paint, toothpaste, shaving cream, fully thought-out arguments to get me out of chores


(Author’s note: this image is why I love Facebook so much)