Serendipitous Marketing: Are Your Daily Tasks Working For You?

Philip Roestamadji


Serendipitous – occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

I was listening to last week’s whiteboard series with on the topic of non-measurable marketing, or what is referred to as serendipitous marketing. The concept is simple, many investments that we make into our marketing efforts are not easy to measure. There are so many things that we do on a day-to-day business that we feel are non-beneficial or even a waste of time. However, we are not taking into account the viral nature of our efforts and the ability for even the most simplest of activities to result in benefits for our organizations.

How often do you perform seemingly normal activities that appear insignificant in nature. Explaining a process to a customer, providing some content for an organization’s social platforms, even finding a location for an upcoming meeting – these tasks feel small in nature, but the process for which we approach these tasks may have more impact than we are aware. The diagram we use to describe a process is later used in a news article, a Facebook post is shared with potential clients, and the list of meeting locations you have gathered over the years is turned into a spreadsheet that is shared with senior leadership in your company.

Each of these supposedly small activities provide a benefit to your organization, your brand, and even yourself. The impact is not something you planned for or expect, but they still have an affect. These little activities are marketing opportunities in disguise, and identifying them can be key to a campaign that is under performing or highly successful. We often talk about marketing as the clear identifiable goals and plans that we set for the year, but we cannot forget the impact of marketing activities we do without thinking. How could your day-to-day efforts be used for increasing your visibility in the market, and what other small marketing efforts can prove serendipitous for you.

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Philip Roestamadji

Philip Roestamadji is a Marketing Strategist with a background in technical strategy and B2B marketing. With an inbound marketing specialty, he has helped many organizations develop their search engine presence, lead generation tactics, and marketing automation process. Pulling from his 5+ years of experience working with SMBs, corporations, and nonprofits, Philip utilizes a strong mix of technology and marketing strategy to help businesses build their market share and profitability Philip has lead the development of many large site developments and technical integrations for companies like General Electric and WorkflowOne. From site layout, project process, testing, and integration, he has overseen and managed the development many critical business sites and applications. This has included eCommerce applications, CRM solutions, content management systems, and EDI integrations.

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