Dayton Photographers And Beyond . . .

Lion + Panda partners with Dayton photographers and talent worldwide to enhance your marketing materials with photography that distinguishes your business. Your high-quality photographs are sensory magnets that spark instant connections. Images of your business and brand are seared into the consciousness of anyone who views them. Photos are often the first things customers see on your website or online ad. The impression remains with them whether it’s good or bad. And those photographs are essential in print products, too.

Original Photography Or Stock?

Plenty of websites show stock photos. They work just fine in some places. They’re cheap, easy to get, and are decent quality. But most people can spot a stock photo a mile away. If you’re aiming to be distinctive, that might not be what you want. Plus, a competitor might end up using the same photo. That’s not good either. Further, you won’t get exactly what you want with a stock photo.

So we’ll shoot original photos with your message in mind. Original photographs show your product, your people, and you. That makes you distinctive, memorable, and authentic. Customers see you at your best and connect with who you are.

Lion + Panda and Dayton photographers—photo shoots anytime, anywhere, whatever it takes.



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