Collateral Design

It’s Not Always Sexy, But It’s Part Of Your Identity

Lion + Panda believes your collateral design needs to travel well, whether it’s a business card, the package for a product, or a brochure. Every piece of collateral material is an opportunity to promote your brand in as many places as possible. We help your company stand out everywhere through fresh approaches to collateral design.

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Collateral Design Is Crucial

But collateral design is not about just slapping your logo onto printed media. It’s about creating dual functionality in all your printed materials: You should be easily identified and just as easily distinguished from competitors with every piece of your physical marketing. You also need consistency across all your collateral material, so—for example—the design on your business cards corresponds with the design you splash on your direct mail.

We’re passionate about the distinctive and cohesive characteristics of our own collateral design. We think you should be passionate about yours, too.

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