Copywriting Is The Soul Of Your Brand

“Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer.” —Shirley Polykoff (The real-life Peggy Olson from Mad Men.)

The value of great copywriting can never be overestimated. It has two jobs to do: get viewers to your site and sweep them off their feet. Readers want purposeful and interesting content. And if it’s web content, Google wants it, too. Here are a few other reasons we think you need to take your copy seriously.

  1. You’re trying to sell something: Great copywriting shows people that you are their problem solver. Great copy boosts sales.
  2. Your competition has weak copy: Chances are they either don’t value quality copy or are unaware their copy is lacking. Grab an instant advantage.
  3. It reveals your brand: Your copy is your voice, soul, and identity. If readers don’t like the copy, they won’t like you.

Great Copywriting Is A Game Changer

Your copy is an arrow, and your readers’ needs, wants, and desires are the bulls-eye. You better nail it, or they’ll just check their phones, drink their coffee, and move on their way.

At Lion + Panda, we make sure potential customers actually want to read about you—and then take actions toward transactions.

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