Icon Design

An Icon Design Is A Gateway To Business Transactions

It needs to clearly represent something.

Here at Lion + Panda, we know icons are essential components on your website. They need to show instant direction and provide ease of navigation. They also must support your site’s overall design style. And, even though the icons on your site should have distinctive designs, they should also work together as a “set.” Icon design must be clearly rendered, too. Icons cannot resemble mysterious blobs. We don’t like mystery, and we don’t like blobs. Let us design your super-sharp icons.


Icons Should Be Anything But Poor Design

So what should a great set of icons have? They could have anything really. But we make sure they have meaning, simplicity, consistency, and broad user appeal. From the shapes and colors to the sizes and styles, they send instant messages about the value of your site. No one should ever look at a page on your website and say, “What’s that little thingy there?” That is, unless you’re selling little thingies.

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