Website Design

3 seconds. Your website design has less than that to captivate customers.

Is your website design capable of that?

What happens during and after those precious seconds can either make or break a sale. There’s a good chance that, if your website has high bounce rates, your web design and interface are difficult to navigate. But maybe it’s not complex enough. Bland website designs often lose the user at the same rate. What you present to the online world shows who you are and what you do. It’s up to your website design to showcase that.

Lion + Panda also understands that sometimes a beautiful design isn’t enough. So we develop search engine optimization tactics for your site. We craft calls to action that drive customer interaction. We install inbound marketing tools that capture critical data. These are essential components that help push your business forward.

We’ll ensure your mobile presence is sharp, too. Being visible on a mobile device is pretty important now. In fact, your place on the search list could plunge into the depths of Google oblivion if you fail to be mobile-friendly. Besides, the number of people using their phones to find and buy stuff online is rising sharply. So your site has to look pretty and be a selling machine—on any device.

Marketing Automation

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