lion + panda? What’ve animals got to do with web design in Dayton?

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When I need names they drop out of my head; when I don’t need them they drop back.

+Imogen Cunningham

So while brainstorming on names I ventured a little bit outside of the box. Understand that in context, it’s something fairly new for me. The name Lion + Panda chose us. We had come up with several names. Names that sounded too much like other marketing companies in the midwest.  With the project being our baby, we wanted something original, but no matter what we wrote down the Name Game kept beating us. What we wanted was possible and within our grasp, but we couldn’t taste it yet. Our branding had to be different, bold. It had to ensure that we would stand out in the market. We were implementing a new business model that has really only been seen on the West Coast( i.e. Silicon Valley).  This venture had to scream “Yeah, we’re good. Kind of weird, but pretty damn good”.

This naming party just happened on the heels of planning a birthday party / fundraiser for a local non-profit that was organized in conjunction with several other professionals that happen to share my mid-summer, July birth date and astrology sign: Leo. We called the event The Lion’s Share.

So back to brainstorming. I suggested to Philip that we call it Lion + Panda, because I’m a Leo and he’s Asian-American. We laughed and hooted, then filed that name away in our humor circular. We both had a good chuckle every time it came back up, but after a few days it stopped being funny. We found that we were having trouble letting it go. It was bold, and it kept coming back.

Then ideas started to flow, and the creative imagery became real and palpable. The fun in marketing came full circle. Grand ideas of starting a direct mail campaign and sending out fortune cookies manifested. Perhaps later we send something from Africa?  Then, like a fever, the idea of lion + panda mascots swept over us. A physical extension of the brand, that we could tear up the town in. Mascots?


This is Philp’s cat Lucy meeting her new friend.



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