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Analytics & Measurement

Designed for Users

UX / UI Design
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Content Management

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Content Migration
Information Architecture (IA)
Content Management Planning

End-to-End Development

Web App Development
ERPs , CRMs + CMSs
Third-Party Integrations

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Enterprise / CRMs

In today’s competitive market, managing customer relationships effectively is key to sustained growth. CRM systems by Lion + Panda are tailored to manage customer interactions, streamline processes, and improve profitability seamlessly. Our CRM solutions offer robust features like easy contact management, lead tracking, detailed analytics, and automation capabilities. By choosing a tailored CRM system from Lion + Panda, you’ll enjoy better decision-making through real-time data, improved customer satisfaction, and enhanced operational efficiency. Our track record of successful CRM implementations showcases our commitment to delivering impactful solutions.

Mobible Apps

In the digital age, having a mobile application is crucial for real-time access to business functions. Lion + Panda specializes in creating bespoke mobile applications to meet your specific operational needs. Our applications offer intuitive design, strong security, and smooth integration with other business systems. Custom mobile applications from Lion + Panda not only drive engagement and improve operational efficiency but also provide a competitive edge in your market. Our portfolio demonstrates our ability to address challenges and provide innovative solutions through mobile applications.

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Sales Platforms

Sales platforms are essential for managing sales processes, tracking performance, and driving revenue growth. Lion + Panda develops custom sales platforms tailored to align with your unique sales processes and business goals. Our sales platforms come with key features like efficient lead management, pipeline tracking, actionable analytics, and automation. A custom sales platform from Lion + Panda will streamline your sales operations, provide valuable insights, and accelerate revenue generation. Our successful sales platform implementations are a testimony to the benefits our clients have accrued.


Portals are vital for secure data exchange, collaboration, and service delivery. Lion + Panda excels in developing custom portals tailored to your unique business requirements. Our portals offer secure access control, intuitive navigation, and robust data management, ensuring a seamless user experience. With custom portals from Lion + Panda, you’ll enhance collaboration, streamline processes, and improve service delivery. Our portfolio highlights our capability to tackle complex challenges and deliver user-friendly portal solutions.

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