How to Build a Web Application

Applications take many forms in today’s digital world. From web applications to native mobile apps, we are creating more and more tools to be added to our digital toolbox. For many people, creating something like a web application is a […]

Pachira Aquatica

Money doesn’t grow on trees The Pachira Aquatica, also known as a money tree, is a traditional symbol of good luck and good fortune.  It grows well in low-light conditions, a perfect fit for office spaces. The trees are typically […]

RubyHaus + Scott Salyer (a.k.a. SLAYER)

Scott Sayler is one of those amazing guys who is incredibly talented and somehow remains humble.  He and his team at RubyHaus partners with Lion + Panda to assist in the architecting web-based applications with a specialty in API generation […]

Our Very Own Globetrotter: Tracy Sodd

Tracy is a marketer and communicator specializing in all things digital. She has an eclectic background, first working with small businesses in New York City, then moving on to scrappy startups in Austin, TX and Washington D.C., and finally on […]

Brand Storytelling

What is good storytelling? It’s a great buzzword and an even better sales generator, but where’s the meat of it?   In branding, a well-told story is the mecca of customer engagement. It’s the highly espoused air in which so […]

Marketing Strategy and the Sword

The sword holds a mythical place in human history, and rightfully so. Sure, they are just a sharpened piece of pointy metal, but they have helped shape empires for thousands of years. The first proto-sword dates back to 1600 B.C.E. and had been continually […]

Seaworld’s Brand Identity Backlash

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is” – Scott Cook, Co-Founder Intuit Brand Definition In the marketing world, the effect of public perspective on brand […]

Luck V. Motion

Stellar Moves I like to imagine business like the earth or the moon.  If it either stops moving it will crash.  The moon would crash into the earth; if the earth stops moving it will crash into the sun (hopefully […]

Mobilegeddon For Google Search Results

Mobilegeddon For Google Search Results Is your site mobile friendly? If not you will want to pay attention. Google has announced an upcoming change in their search algorithms that will show preferential treatment to mobile-friendly sites on mobile searches. If […]


Dave Larsen has always been one of my favorite writers at the Dayton Daily News.  He does a great job reporting business news in an engaging way.  Last year, Dave wrote the first ever article on our emerging business, so […]

Christian’s Story

When I was in college the glamour of agency life was created. All of the guest speakers who came and said how much they learned in agencies, and how it was far more valuable then college made it the perfect […]

The Quintessential Gentleman

High atop his perch in Yellow Springs, he sits with a keyboard and a monitor. He stares at it with his dancing, spry eyes and starts to type something out, evaluates it with a practiced eye, then beings to mold […]

Build the Website you hope to Never Use

Crisis Communications Ready Organizations spend an exorbitant amount of resources designing and implanting web and digital marketing strategies. The best organizations include digital reputation management in the planning of that strategy and the results pay dividends. There is a third […]

Talk or Don’t Talk. Crisis Communications.

Let’s play a game. We’ll call it “Talk or Don’t Talk.” Simple enough. To start, close your eyes, hold your nose and select a character piece from the game box. Your choices and the charges threatening their well-heeled brand name […]

Daring Greatly: Taking Risks Like A President

Winston Churchill one wrote “History is written by the victors.” Some version of this has been passed on over the centuries, but this statement, by a British statesman, is particularly relevant. George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and […]

The Overachiever: Lexi Ball

Lexi Ball is our first official Account Manager / Marketing Strategist.  Hurray!  Lexi is experienced in leading clients to develop brand strategy and advertising assets from traditional to digital. After studying psychology at the University of Pittsburgh, she channeled her efforts […]

Graffiti + Brandon Phillips

My good friend and super talented graffiti artist, Tyler, asked if I could help showcase him doing one of his pieces. It was to be a painting of the Cincinnati Reds’ second baseman, Brandon Phillips. Tyler is a huge Reds […]

Stop Writing One Page Resumes

300: Rise of a Migraine. 300 resumes.  That’s how many applicants we got on a job posting that was plastered with “DO NOT APPLY IF YOU’RE NOT QUALIFIED OR WE WILL KILL A KITTEN”. While no actual kittens were harmed […]

People that don’t give a shit about your mission statement

In Pursuit of the Perfect Mission Statement We spend grueling amounts of time working on Mission Statements in business.  From the strategy side, I’ve repeated metaphor after metaphor explaining the nuances between mission and vision statements. “Mission is the game […]

Maximizing Access, Utility, Storage, & More

Cloud-Based Tools Call it “The Curse of The Cloud.” We all know that cloud computing can help us maximize business efficiency by making programs and files available anywhere. However, some people still think of the cloud simply as extra storage […]

Tom Biedenharn Sits Down to Answer 12 Questions

Public Relations, Communications Consultant, + Writer Tom honed his writing and messaging skills over 30 years in the public relations arena with the City of Dayton. His experience runs broad and deep across the communications landscape, including strategic communications planning, […]

Lion And Panda
Family Man + Cinematic Storyteller = Peter Weisgerber

Peter met up with Philip and I a few weeks ago and we were instantly interested in collaborating.  He’s got that spark where you can tell he just wants to do some great work. Peter is an artist specializing in […]

Our New Business Super Secret Strategy*

*that we tell everyone… In business we often talk about new business development, a term I have grown to loath, because I think it’s putting lipstick on a pig.  In this case the pig is called sales.  It’s not pretty, […]

Around the World + Staying Focused

Are you following your vision? Had I been asked a year and a half ago if I would be cruising through the Andean Mountains of Peru via the Andean Explorer I would have rolled my eyes and lightly chuckled. But one […]

The Generation Gap

“Why are you doing it THAT way,” Fuddyduddy asked Whippersnapper. “That’s not the way it should be done.” “It’s okay, old-timer,” Whippersnapper replied dismissively.  “This is the new and improved way.” With that, Whippersnapper hit the Send button.  “There. I […]

Tom Biedenharn
Did you forget to do your 2015 business plan too?

December Promises + New Years Resolutions You knew December was coming and things were going to slow down. You probably told yourself that this year you were going to use the time to strategize for 2015…just like you probably told yourself […]

Giving the Press a Helping Hand

Media Kits + Press Kits With a growing trend in the newspaper and online world of doing more with less it is more important than ever to provide a helping hand to content creators.  One method for doing this is […]

Website Amortization: Your Digital Road To Tax Deductions

I know what you may be thinking after reading this post’s subhead: Only an accountant, CFO, or colossal nerd would want to read about website amortization, tax deductions, and reported income. While I concede that they may not be the […]

Philip Roestamadji
Franchising: The Home Team Advantage

During the last 25 years, “If you build it, they will come” has remained a beautiful, utopian quote for “wantrepreneurs” to fall back on as they pursue dreams of business ownership. Don’t fall into that trap. Sure, you’ve done it […]

Hey HR, Check This Out: How We Got Recruiting Right

We needed to hire and we needed an easy way to sort through the clutter of people who aren’t qualified.  It’s a problem that all growing companies go through.  After nearly a month of unqualified applicants, we initiated a tactic […]

Walls won’t work.

One of the oldest walls still standing today the Walls Of Troy was built in the 13th century BC to protect the legendary city of Troy. This wall withstood the famous 10 year siege of Troy. The Great Wall Of […]

The Traitorous Eight

It’s not often that people are given the chance to change things.  This is the story of 8 men who changed business forever. In the winter of 1955, William Shockley, the inventor of the transistor decided to mass produce his […]

20 Lessons from Month 12

Know the WHOLE business. “Your pizza is so good, you should start a restaurant!” Bob’s friend tell him.  After thinking about it for awhile and discussing with his wife, Bob realizes that he has enough in his savings and retirement […]

Get Others to Invest in Marketing Your Brand

So you’re poised for expansion. Congratulations! Business must be doing pretty well if you’re looking to set up in new buildings, hire more employees, and invest in more capital. Wait, what’s that you say? Business is going well, but you’re […]

Bloody Mary Rundown

When you break it all down, a Bloody Mary is two simple ingredients. Spicy tomato juice and vodka blend together to create something that is better than the ingredients are on their own. We were looking forward to celebrating our […]

Exit Stage Right: When the CEO Needs to go.

“He doesn’t like his picture being taken.” Jason said.“He tells people that…” Mark responded.“Anyone who is the president of a company is always a little vain.” +Richard Kaiser I said it jokingly, but I think it’s funny because it is […]

4 SEO Tips From “The Panda” About Panda 4.0

With all the spam e-mails we receive on a daily basis trying to sell Search Engine Optimization, I thought it would be helpful to share some insights on SEO and getting all the Google love you can. Many people think that […]

Philip Roestamadji
Can We Meet in the Medium?

Here at L+P we like to keep an ear to the metaphorical floor of the internet. That might have conjured up some very gross images of filthy floors but to stay informed  sacrifices are made. Now on to the matter […]

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