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Elevate your brand with Lion + Panda’s bespoke digital marketing services. We seamlessly blend SEO into all aspects of marketing, content creation, digital advertising, social media management, and website creation to bolster your online presence. Our team enhances visibility with SEO through technical web optimizations, engaging content, and online reputation management with some targeted digital ads for maximum reach. With Lion + Panda, experience a synergized approach that amplifies reach, engagement, and conversions, placing your brand in the spotlight.

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At Lion + Panda, we transcend traditional marketing boundaries. Our approach is anchored in identifying and implementing valuable marketing strategies meticulously tailored to amplify your ROI. We weave a marketing methodology that harmoniously integrates with your website, advertising, digital campaigns, and social media, all under the insightful gaze of advanced analytics.

Step into a world where every marketing effort is strategic, data-driven, and tailored for maximum impact. Allow us to transform your brand’s online presence, ensuring each campaign resonates with your audience and drives measurable results.

Ohio Renaissance Festival


Ohio Renaissance Festival

Brimstone & Fire, LLC – owners of Renaissance Park Event Center – holds a full calendar of diverse and popular attractions such as the Ohio Renaissance Festival, Celtic Fest Ohio, and Brimstone Haunt. As an event and entertainment company, their media needs are vast. Close attention has to be spread between multiple websites, print/merchandise design needs, digital advertising needs, and a heavy social media presence to develop.

That is why they choose Lion + Panda as their one stop shop for design, marketing, web development, and more. Our main goals were to develop websites that not only attract their patrons, but also disturbed needed information to each unique attraction. We built a strong social media presence that would encourages engagement and expands their fan community into new territory.

Dewey's Pizza

In 2022, Dewey’s Pizza collaborated with Lion + Panda for an extensive website redesign. The objectives were clear: preserve brand elements, enhance the user experience, expand location search, update content and images, and improve online-ordering. They also aimed to integrate third-party solutions and showcase Dewey’s culture on an improved career page, while reflecting the company’s unique personality and consolidating user reviews. Lion + Panda faced challenges and performed a comprehensive audit, guiding insights to enhance user experience, implement SEO coding, and include accessibility features. Custom applications, including geographical features, addressed expansion opportunities.

The result was a refined website, featuring improved navigation, a custom location search, and streamlined online ordering. Updates to imagery, brand elements, and content elevated its appeal. Individual store pages offered interactive elements, and a backend administration process empowered internal team updates. Menu and location functionalities were optimized for better management and SEO. The successful collaboration showcased Dewey’s Pizza in a new light, ensuring a delightful experience for visitors and paving the way for future growth.

Marketing Platforms Mastery

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Transform your brand’s visibility with targeted, impactful AdWords campaigns, each click a journey to enhanced engagement and conversion.

Social Media Marketing

Navigate the social sphere with strategic, engaging campaigns that resonate, captivate, and convert across diverse platforms.

SMS Marketing

Connect directly, personally, and effectively, with SMS marketing that’s tailored, targeted, and timely.

Email Marketing

Engage your audience with personalized, optimized email campaigns, where each message is a step closer to conversion.

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Informed Decisions, Strategic Growth

Every decision, every strategy, is backed by the insightful gaze of advanced analytics. At Lion + Panda, we ensure your marketing narrative is not just heard but resonates; it’s not just seen but captivates. Each campaign is a dance of creativity and technology, guided by real-time data, ensuring optimal engagement and conversion.

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