Ohio Renaissance Festival

Refreshing a brand to reflect new energy and build excitement.

For an organization as deeply rooted in history and tradition as the Ohio Renaissance Festival, crafting a new design and content strategy comes with its own challenges. Instead of implementing a complete overhaul of a well-loved brand and familiar voice, we worked closely with the organization to expand the color palette and evolve the look to reflect the new energy infused in the festival. Additionally, we focused efforts on improving their voice to strengthen their reach in social media and organic website traffic.

By introducing new colors, illustrations and graphic elements, we were able to build a website and introduce new campaigns that felt fresh and exciting, without starting from scratch, meaning the brand could easily appeal to both die-hard fans and new audiences, inviting them to partake in the revelry! All of the improvements the design improvements, as well as the audience-driven content development, and improved social outreach have led to more that a 25% increase in website traffic and 30% growth in social engagement.

All work was done in partnership with RubyHaus, Inc.