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PUI Audio

PUI Audio

An audio solutions resource for products, learning, and technology in one place.


PUI Audio is an innovative audio solutions company that provides haptics technology solutions, testing and product specification information and connections to a network of resources. They complete 100% in-line testing of all products before offering as a product or solution.

The client needed a custom website to update that focused on an intensive search process, a product catalog, an engaging user experience, client administrative content modifications capabilities, and add additional functionality that included a large amount of data, access to a multitude of resources, interface with inventory, product purchasing, and required the ability to add or modify product offerings and CAD images.

Our Contributions

  • Web Design + Development
  • Web Hosting + Maintenance

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The Challenge

This unique website project was a collaborative project with two other external providers. The contributing components consisted of:

  • Content Copy
  • Visual Design of Sitemap
  • Page Design & Wireframing
  • Technical Functionality Development

Lion + Panda handled the development of the website, the page design, wireframing and all the technical and functionality elements, including several custom applications, with dependencies on the sitemap design, client direction and data files, in addition to copy, to complete objectives.

Process & Insights

Lion + Panda performed extensive research to identify what technical modules were available, where a custom-built application would be necessary, how data sets should be formatted, third party interface requirements, competitor information and user accessibility. It was further recognized that due to the large number of defined product search identifiers, Lion + Panda would need to work closely with the client engineering and sales staff to define all the search identifiers.


The Solution

Lion + Panda delivered a custom designed website that included:

  • Improved search functions to find product, representative, and distributors
  • Product catalog with dynamic filtering
  • Intuitive search with predictive functionality
  • Cross-integration with other site functions
  • Product purchasing and sample ordering
  • Extensive resource library
  • Integrated a third-party API driven searching system to improve capabilities, chat functionality, and dynamic scheduling
  • Implemented third-party integrations to the catalog for 3D modeling and downloadable resources
  • Client administration of content

This project was truly all inclusive with the resulting solution proving that no project is too big!


Client review:
“To the entire group that was involved with our new website development and implementation. I have been involved with many website projects, and this was by far my best experience. From the user research to the design and technical support, every step of this project was done well and with attention to detail and thoroughness.

The site is beautiful – but more importantly, it is a much better experience for our users. It seems to be rare for website projects to come in on budget and on time. And we were able to do both! We have received great comments from our board, employees, representatives, and distributors, and that is a strong indicator of the web success that is to come. It truly has been a pleasure working with all of you, and I am glad that we will be partners in the future as well.”

Erin Ruef, Vice President of Marketing at PUI Audio


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