Case Study

Building systems to keep up with a changing model.


RECVEX is a community of recreational vehicle industry experts, dealers, and enthusiasts that have come together with the focus of simplifying the RV buying experience. At the beginning of their journey, they came to us with a vision to make a marketplace that allowed dealers, customers, and even lenders come together to buy and sell recreational vehicles. They needed a web application that provided a simple selling and purchasing process that was easy to search and use.

Working in partnership with RubyHaus, we designed and developed a modern and simple interface that made it easy for dealers to connect with consumers and other dealers to move inventory nationwide. The frontend was built to provide a friendly, digital marketplace for quality buyers nationwide to find and connect with the right dealer based on their RV needs. Behind the scenes, RECVEX provides dealers with a custom-built portal called Dealer Connect that allows dealers to make their inventory available to other dealers in an easy to use tool for moving distressed inventory faster and cheaper than anyone else.

The whole RECVEX web application is built for speed, searchability, and scale. Listing thousands of RV’s is a straight forward process for dealers, and finding/purchasing is even easier. In addition to application development, we also handled all of RECVEX’s branding, including naming, logo creation, brand standards, and even a hype video.

Our Contributions

  • Web Design + Development
  • Custom Ecommerce Solution