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Deleting Seth Godin – Right Message, Wrong Medium

by Lion and Panda on October 27th, 2017

Seth Godin’s brilliance just got tossed.   I just deleted more than 1,000 of emails of ‘Seth’s Blog’ without reading more than 10… ever.    SETH GODIN is missing the marketing… mark.   Inbox Zero Defining your message and the platform for your audience is key to reaching them. I know where I want information, […]


by Lion and Panda on November 29th, 2016

THE WAIT IS OVER. Every so often the world has something positive, global, and uniting to gather around with cheers and camaraderie. Think Olympics. This time, however, envision a culture of automotive fans building an empire for its automotive jesters… who coincidentally serve as their kings. Enter, The Grand Tour… and beyond. In this blog […]

The Generation Gap

by Lion and Panda on January 6th, 2015

“Why are you doing it THAT way,” Fuddyduddy asked Whippersnapper. “That’s not the way it should be done.” “It’s okay, old-timer,” Whippersnapper replied dismissively.  “This is the new and improved way.” With that, Whippersnapper hit the Send button.  “There. I just invited 824 of my closest friends to my upcoming event.” Fuddyduddy about choked on […]

Copywriting tools: Flesch-Kincaid

by Lion and Panda on January 8th, 2014

“Though amid all the smoking horror and diabolism of a sea-fight, sharks will be seen longingly gazing up to the ship’s decks, like hungry dogs round a table where red meat is being carved, ready to bolt down every killed man that is tossed to them; and though, while the valiant butchers over the deck-table […]