The Digital Marketing Landscape in 2023

As we enter into 2023 many companies are moving forward, incorporating the latest trends in digital marketing strategies. Your business needs to stay ahead of the game to maximize your customer interactions and impact. Today’s customer is more educated and more discerning about the companies they work with. Read ahead to learn more about digital marketing techniques and trends that will help you continue to grow in the digital marketplace in 2023.

Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, & Virtual Spaces

A woman sits on a couch with a VR headset on. She smiles and reaches up a hand.

With greater advancements in AI technology over the last few years, widespread automation seems an inevitability. Along with augmented reality experiences, AI promotes a more immersive user experience. This is not to say that the human element of creation and interaction is lost. Artificial intelligence can become a powerful boost to the creativity of your real-life marketing team. This goes well beyond the more practical applications of a customer service chatbot or voice assistance. Promotional campaigns have taken full advantage of the interactive scope possible when human imagination teams up with technology.

Think of popular gaming apps such as Pokemon Go, which require users to visit different locations and interact with other users to create both an individualized and community experience. Ikea created a simple and fun tree-placement app to help customers visualize where their holiday tree should be placed. Pepsi took over a London bus stop and created 3D visuals that interacted with the world in real-time. There is no limit to the wild and eye-catching ways in which AI and augmented reality can be utilized to make a customer experience more memorable.

Social Media Video Content Marketing

Social media continues to dominate the landscape of the internet. With big platforms like TikTok and Instagram continuing to grow through their user experience, it would be a mistake to ignore the value that social media interactions can have in your digital marketing strategy. In order for your business to remain relevant in the current climate, you need to go where the customers are, providing video content that can reach your target audience in a way that they want to experience.

This can be easier said than done! Today’s consumer does not always want to be sold to, especially on an app that they utilize for personal enjoyment and relaxation. It can be difficult for companies to gain loyalty if the user knows they will receive obtrusive advertisements on their feed. If you want to help your company combat this fallout, utilize influencer voice-based marketing by sponsoring content, grow organically by featuring user-generated content, and experiment with making your own content follow popular social media trends and memes. This will garner a higher rate of brand awareness while helping your business connect to a wider market.

Agile Marketing

An office team works together

As its most central function, Agile marketing allows companies to take large-scale projects and break them up into smaller marketing teams that can independently function to accomplish the collaborative goal. From a digital marketing standpoint, this can be a massive benefit to your online interactions with your customer base. Agile teams can cover a wider range of tasks and be trusted to move forward without having to go through the slough of the larger hierarchy.

This autonomy allows for greater transparency in the team’s collaborative efforts and an overall increase in productivity. Agile marketing puts emphasis on experimentation and iteration that can lead to more data-driven decisions in the online marketplace.

Customer Experience

Online engagement in this climate is at a premium, and your competition goes beyond other businesses in your field. You are competing with a near-infinite marketplace. As such your digital marketing plan has to be capable of reaching out and bringing a potential customer in with customized experiences. With this in mind, put your focus on the customer. Pay attention to how they interact with your website and social media platforms. Does your website have optimal navigation on mobile devices? Is your content optimized for voice search? Does the customer feel personal interaction while exploring your website?

If you want a better understanding of your digital customer’s needs, start with a customer journey map. While search engine optimization remains an important part of your market visibility, customers have higher expectations when it comes to their online interaction. A customer journey map follows the path of your user engagement, providing you with data on their behavior patterns and what leads your customer from browsing to purchasing. By making your customer feel welcomed and providing them with a more personalized experience, you give them the motivation to work with your company above others.


Credibility goes a long way in today’s digital marketplace. It is impossible to ignore the fallout that comes when a business lacks social awareness. Brand scandals create controversy and invite speculation. From copyright infringement to sexual harassment, union busting, and exploitative labor practices, the wider digital world has made it necessary for companies to achieve a quality reputation.

Along with higher expectations in brand engagement comes high expectations in brand culpability. Social values and awareness are at the forefront of consumer concerns. Many customers are willing to go the extra mile and spend with brands that meet with a more socially responsible platform. As such it becomes necessary for your business to make advocating for these values a priority. Striving for greater DEI (diversity, equality, and inclusivity) within your company allows the customer to feel represented by your brand. Promoting awareness of social issues, donating to charity, and advocating for your employees can go a long way towards creating a positive association with your company in the minds of your customer base, encouraging them to spend with you.