Top Five Web Design trends for 2023

As the year begins to close, we here at Lion & Panda like to look toward the future and the challenges it brings. As a Cincinnati local company, we pay close attention to the coming trends for web design and development so we can stay on top of our customer’s needs. With that in mind here is our list of Top Five Web Designs for 2023


Inclusivity and accessibility are more than just a trend. They are a necessity for those who want to grow their customer base and maximize engagement with their audience. For those who are considering a more developed online presence, look for web development teams with experience in applied accessibility solutions. It’s true that there are plug-ins that can help you, but this is a band-aid solution. The plug-ins will only glean the surface issues and will attempt to ‘fix them’ in a temporary way. The plug-ins often require the user to learn how to use the plug-in rather than addressing the core issue which would make the website inherently easier to use. Most accessibility advocate organizations do not consider these plug-ins to be a viable solution. As such, plug-ins will not protect your company from lawsuits regarding accessibility issues.

Micro Animations

Smashmallow website utilizes micro animations

Micro animations create a sense of playfulness and depth that is eye-catching to the visiting user. Small, subtle animations that continue in the background prompt engagement and a sense of joy. They help generate focus on important areas of the web page and direct your customer’s attention right where you want it to go. Mirco animations are nothing new, but in 2023 we expect to see a push toward organic integration of these diminutive animations. Some small, unobtrusive means of bringing micro animations to your website include:

  • cursors
  • download progress bar
  • loop videos
  • call to action

Voice Activated Interfacing

In our article about Voice Recognition, we discussed how voice recognition software fits its place in the modern market. Instead of just typing in our search request, we can now have direct conversations with our computer to get what we need. The use of products like Siri and Alexa has made voice recognition more commonplace, thus growing a trend that isn’t likely to disappear any time soon. This means that more websites are including Natural Language Processing (NLP) to garner better results from their SEO and bring new customers on board. This reduces the influence of problems like keyword stuffing or disreputable black-hat SEO techniques.

Dark Mode

Image sourced from

Low-light user interfacing is on the rise, and we expect this trend to continue to grow in 2023. Offering a Dark Mode option for your website allows users to avoid the caustic white glow that causes eye strain. This design option also increases readability for some folks and helps provide your customers with a more pleasant experience. Many social media sites have already made Dark Mode design options, encouraging users to stay longer and engage with their apps. Dark Mode also provides a modern aesthetic that allows you to highlight key information that will stand out for your customers.

White Space & Minimalism

Modern Minimalist Japanese graphic design, from Medium

Utilizing trends like White Space & Minimalism allows your website to provide important information one piece at a time instead of overwhelming your customer with a non-stop stream of content. The visual aesthetic is clean, comprised, and easy to absorb, which stands out from bulkier, more crowded websites. White space or ‘negative space’ is merely the space provided between different elements of the website. This allows each element to stand on its own. Minimalism simplifies the design, creating a balanced site that is relaxing to engage with and keeps the necessary information easy to locate.