Crafting a Legacy: Behind the Ohio Renaissance Festival Mug by Lion + Panda

Creating Experiences

At Lion + Panda, we don’t just build brands; we create experiences. When we worked with our client, the Ohio Renaissance Festival, the task at hand was not simply to market an event but to envelop visitors in a world that transports them back in time. One of our crown achievements in this venture was reimagining the classic Renaissance Festival Mug—a staple at any Ren Faire but elevated to a new level for the Ohio Renaissance Festival.

Past Mug Designs Lion + Panda created for the Ohio Renaissance Festival

The Vision

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Mugs at a Renaissance Festival are not just drinkware; they are badges of honor, tokens of an unforgettable day, and for some, collectibles that last a lifetime. Recognizing the importance of the humble mug, our team set out to create a unique experience from start to finish—something that could reflect both the artistry of the age and the festivity of the event.

Concept and Design

Working closely with the Ohio Renaissance Festival, our design team dove deep into researching the period, aiming for authenticity while blending modern sensibilities. Sketches turned into prototypes, and after a series of design iterations and meticulous refinements, we arrived at a look that was historically reverent while offering a contemporary twist.

We Researched The Past

And Designed For The Future

The Material World

To bring our design into reality, we worked with the artisans at Grey Fox Pottery. Keeping production close to home allowed us to support local talent and ensure the mugs met our exacting quality standards. The partnership with these artisans was one of true collaboration, providing an opportunity for their craftsmanship to shine at a large-scale event like the Ohio Renaissance Festival.

Unveiling the Masterpiece: The Mug Reveal Social Media Campaign

At Lion + Panda, we know that a great product deserves an equally great introduction. That’s why we launched a buzz-generating social media campaign to unveil the Ohio Renaissance Festival’s artisan-crafted mugs. Our multi-stage approach included a tantalizing teaser series, a 3-day countdown featuring a poem that tied in the entire theme, and a grand reveal that engaged the community like never before. The campaign not only led to record engagement rates but also turned the humble festival mug into a celebrated piece of artistry, encapsulating the essence of the Renaissance experience. With this campaign, we reinforced our belief that effective marketing doesn’t just create noise; it crafts a lasting narrative that deeply resonates.

The Final Product

Finally, after months of work that involved a comprehensive network of skilled individuals—from our brilliant design team to talented local artisans—the mugs were unveiled. When festival-goers lifted those mugs, what they held in their hands was not just a vessel for their beverages but a piece of the Ohio Renaissance Festival experience itself, expertly crafted and designed to be cherished for years to come.

Beyond the Mug

The Renaissance Festival Mug is just one of the many projects we’ve undertaken to elevate the Ohio Renaissance Festival experience. From comprehensive digital campaigns to onsite signage, we aim to build a holistic brand identity that extends far beyond a single item or event.

Our work with the Ohio Renaissance Festival exemplifies what we believe at Lion + Panda: Marketing is not just about selling a product; it’s about creating a narrative, building a community, and crafting experiences that resonate. We’re proud to have played a part in enriching the Ohio Renaissance Festival, one mug at a time.

To learn more about how Lion + Panda can help turn your brand into an experience, contact us today. Cheers!