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Unlocking Business Growth with Video Marketing

For small business owners in Ohio, especially around the Dayton area, standing out in a crowded digital landscape is a constant challenge. The key to not just surviving but thriving in this competitive environment? Video marketing. It’s not just another item on your promotional checklist; it’s a dynamic tool that can transform your engagement, advertising […]

The Future of Customer Assistance: Exploring the Capabilities of AI-Driven Chatbots

With the capabilities of AI becoming more diversified, it’s only natural for businesses to take an interest in how this seeming marvel of technology can benefit them. It’s a journey deserving of trepidation, as even with the amazing abilities these programs claim to be capable of, it can have a negative impact on how consumers […]

Top Ten Design Predictions for Graphic Design Trends in 2024

As cultural trends and advancing technology become available, the client landscape alters and expects new things from creators in the modern digital marketplace. With 2023 coming to an end, it should come as no surprise that at Lion & Panda, we are analyzing the shifting field of graphic design. Each of our clients has a […]

The Evolution of Logo Design

The tradition of using pictorial images to convey purpose to the general population is by no means a new phenomenon. In past centuries, when literacy rates were almost non-existent, local businesses used emblematic images to showcase their skills. Now, branding is everything. In an era where everyone from multi-billion-dollar companies to Etsy sellers are looking […]