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Levi Bruce


Though perhaps the youngest of the Lion + Panda team, I have been around since our January 2014 official launch.  I came to Dayton from a town just a couple hours north on  I-75, called Findlay, in seaLaunchLeviHeadshotrch of a college education.  What I have found in L+P however, has been far more educational than my time at university alone could ever provide.  

I am a Marketing Strategist with my roots in digital marketing.  My professional journey began with the user experience development and branding of the University of Dayton’s website.  I now finds myself as a part of everybody’s favorite animal kingdom (that’s us!).  I have worked with all different sizes of firms,  from  fortune 500 companies, to companies with fewer employees than there are days in the week.  Because of this, I have taken to the project scalability offered by Lion and Panda with delight.

I am probably the most social computer nerd you will ever have the chance to speak with (and I do hope we speak).  This combination comes as a result of my natural tendency to socialize and my interests in technology and modern web trends.

I firmly believe in the power of the ‘work hard, play hard’ office mentality.  That being said, I do not think that the two should be held as mutually exclusive.  Who is to say that ‘work’ cannot also be ‘play’ at least some of the time!

All the Best,



If you were a breakfast cereal, which would you be and why?

I would be a nice bowl of Frosted Flakes because I’m Grrrreeeeaaattt!

Tv Remote Control

If you were a button on the TV remote, which one would you be and why?

If I were a button on the TV remote, I would be the guide button.  This is because I enjoy helping people get where they are trying to go.

  If you could throw a party of any caliber, budget isn’t a factor, what type of      party would it be?

  It is hard to say the exact specifics, but it would definitely rival parties thrown by Jay Gatsby.   1920’s attire, classy music, and enough bubbly to submerge a few city blocks.



What do you do for fun and what would you be doing if it wasn’t advertising?

I’ve been known to be pretty good with a Frisbee.  If not advertising, probably vagrancy 🙂


What advice would you give to anyone trying to make it in the ad world?

Be weird.  Normalcy is the death of creativity.  If you aren’t your own person, how can you come up with your own ideas!


If there was a movie produced about your life, what would it be called? Who would play you, and why?

From Simpleton to Selcouth.  I would be played by Jack Gleeson because I have never loved and actor more for hating his character so much (King Geoffry).  There is something special about being able to do that!


What’s the most embarrassing thing that happened to you in high school and/or college?

One can only be embarrassed if they let themselves be, and that is generally not something I do.  That being said, in high school I was once seduced by a fake Facebook profile that was made by a group of my girlfriends.  Nothing too bad, but I’m not a big fan of having the wool pulled over my eyes.


You’re a new addition to the crayon box, what color would you be and why
Gossamer Green.  This is due to my ability to see the lighter side of every situation.  Additionally, it would probably be a very light shade of green.


Why are people from the advertising and marketing world joining social causes?

I believe it is a mixture of creative people also being empathetic people, and people in the business of advertising/marketing wanting to look good to the public, so for them it is mostly for the PR.

Bigfoot Silhouette Illustration

Do you believe in Bigfoot?

As a logician, I am a bit skeptical of the existence of Bigfoot.  That being said, I have this one very weird uncle that is covered head to foot in dense hair.  Almost fur if you ask me.  He also doesn’t communicate very well.  Mostly grunts and guttural thrusts from deep in his diaphragm.  He also gets his own turkey on thanksgiving because of the one year when my father almost lost an arm when reaching for a turkey leg.

How does the internet work?

The internet is comprised of a system of ravens and speed typing orangutans.  Anytime you submit something to the internet, one of said orangutans scribes the contents of your post or query onto a scroll.  He/she then straps that scroll to one of the ravens, who are seemingly infinite in number and incomprehensible in speed.  These ravens then travel directly the National Security Agency, or NSA.  While there, they are duplicated by the “Animated Atomic Duplicator” that was funded by the taxpayers of the USA (sshhhh).  One duplicate is set free to fly to the next location that requests access to the content they are carrying while the other, after having its content containing scroll removed and stored in the NSA vaults, is sent to the private quarters of Dick Cheney where it is used for target practice (because we all know he could use it).  Now obviously once the raven that was set free reaches its target location, one of the aforementioned orangutans is waiting to greet them with a pat on the head and a piece of pumpernickel bread.  I don’t exactly know why but the United States Ravens Union made it very clear that only pumpernickel bread would be accepted as payment.  The contract literally reads “None of that white bread bullshit.”  From there, the orangutan re-enters the content that was transferred into the human user interface known as the computer.  There are special orangutans filled with angst and pretension that work behind the scenes of the human user interfaces with tree grown fruits as their logo.  And that my friends is how the internet works!

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Levi Bruce

Levi Bruce is a Marketing Strategist/Account Executive here in marketing animal kingdom that is Lion + Panda. Schooled in the art or marketing at the University of Dayton and versed in the world of business through various diverse work experiences, Levi has yet to find a bridge too narrow to cross. An expert Frisbee thrower and aspiring outdoors man, Levi enjoys just about anything he can find to do under the sun or stars. Since starting with Lion + Panda just over a year ago, Levi has played many roles including: Intern, SEO Analyst, Project Manager, Blogger, and even Mascot. What the future holds for Levi is uncertain, however it will certainly be influenced by L+P's co-founders, Richard and Philip.

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